2010年1月7日 星期四

再一波大量新到貨!另類/搖滾/電音NEW ARRIVALS

Bad Lieutenant/ Never Cry Another Tear
The Raveonettes/ In & Out of Control
Sandoval, Hope/ Warm Inventions/ Through The Devil Softly
Damon & Naomi/ The Sub Pop Years
Hannigan, Lisa/ Sea Sew
Do Make Say Think/ Other Truths
Mum/ Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know
Cut Copy/ In Ghost Colours
Japandroids/ Post-Nothing
Caspian/ Tertia
Deastro/ Moondagger (2CD)
Ladytron/ Live at London Astoria 16.07.08
Jesu/ Opiate Sun
The Antlers/ Hospice
Dreamend/ As If By Ghosts
Dreamend/ Maybe We're Making God Sad and Lonely
Monster Movie/ All Lost
Dreamend/ The Long Forgotten Friend
Port-Royal/ Dying In Time
The Clientele/ Bonfires on the Heath
A Sunny Day In Glasgow/ Ashes Grammar
Owen/ At Home with Owen
Owen/ New Leaves
Asobi Seksu/ Rewolf
Boys Noize/ Power
Baroness/ Blue Record
Iron & Wine/ Around the Well (2CD)
Tortoise/ Beacons of Ancestorship
Pacific UV/ Longplay 2
Savoir Adore/ In The Wooded Forest
Telekinesis/ Telekinesis
Superchunk/ Leaves in the Gutter
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart/ Higher Than the Stars
Sparklehorse/ Fennesz/ In The Fishtank Vol.15
Jeniferever/ Choose A Bright Morning
American Football/ American Football

Afternoon Naps/ Parade
Anti-Pop Consortium/ Fluorescent Black
Black Moth Super Rainbow/ Eating Us
Children/ Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World
Choir of Young Believers/ This Is For The White In Your Eyes (2CD)
Clues/ Clues
Computer Perfection/ We Wish You Well on Your Way to Hell
Deerhunter/ Rainwater Cassette Exchange
Desario/ Zero Point Zero
Felix/ You Are The One I Pick
Fell/ Incoherent Lullabies
Giuliani, Trevor/ Subcontrario (In Stereo)
Gus Gus/ 24/7
Jesu/ Conqueror
Johnston, Daniel/ Is And Always Was
Lennon, Sean/ Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead
Lusine/ A Certain Distance
Mount Eerie/ Wind's Poem
Nadler, Marissa/ Little Hells
Nudge/ As Good As Gone
Peel, Julie/ Near the Sun
Piano Magic/ Ovations
Princeton/ Cocoon of Love
Sigur Ros/ Hilmarsson, Hilmar Orn/ Angels of the Universe
Telefon Tel Aviv/ Immolate Yourself
The Dismemberment Plan/ Change
The Dodos/ Time To Die
The Most Serene Republic/ And The Ever Expanding Universe
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir/ ...And the Horse You Rode in On
The Sleepover Disaster/ Hover
The Sounds/ Crossing the Rubicon
Themselves/ CrownsDown
Think About Life/ Family
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie/ Marlone
Various Artists/ Kompakt Total 10 (2CD)
Vivian Girls/ Everything Goes Wrong
Why?/ Eskimo Snow
Yacht/ See Mystery Lights
Gonzales/ Solo Piano: Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)

9dw/ Boris/ Golden Dance Classics
A Cuckoo/ Destination Unknown
Airiel/ The Battle of Sealand
All Leather/ Hung Like A Horse
Allien, Ellen/ Apparat/ Orchestra of Bubbles
Alva Noto/ Xerrox Vol.2
Apparat/ Things to Be Frickled: Parts & Remixes (2CD)
Apparat/ Walls
Au Revoir Simone/ The Bird of Music
Azure Ray/ Hold on Love
Azure Ray/ Burn And Shiver
Biosphere/ Wireless: Live at The Arnolfini, Bristol
Black Devil Disco Club/ The Strange New World of Bernard Fevre
Black Flag/ My War
Black Flag/ Slip It in
Black Flag/ Damaged
Black Mold/ Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz
Blank Dogs/ Under and Under
Blechdom, Kevin/ Gentlemania
Blonde Redhead/ La Mia Vita Violenta
Blonde Redhead/ Blonde Redhead
Bloody Panda/ Summon
Boris/ Pink
Boris/ Smile
Bright Eyes/ Fevers & Mirrors
Brutal Truth/ Evolution Through Revolution
Burial/ Burial
Burnt By The Sun/ Heart of Darkness
Chesnutt, Vic/ At The Cut
Chesnutt, Vic/ Elf Power/ The Amorphous Strums/ Dark Developments
Chessie/ Manifest
Cheval Sombre/ Cheval Sombre
Circulatory System/ Signal Morning
City Center/ City Center
Cloudland Canyon/ Lie in Light
Coalesce/ Ox
Cobalt/ Gin
Coffins/ The Other Side of Blasphemy
Comet Gain/ Broken Record Prayers
Cursor Miner/ Danceflaw
Dead Meadow/ Got Live If You Want It
Dead Prez & DJ Green Lantern/ Pulse of the People
Dear, Matthew/ Asa Breed (Black Ed.)
Death Breath/ Stinking Up the Night
Deerhunter/ Cryptograms
Delay, Vladislav Tummaa
Deltron 3030/ Deltron 3030
Disfear/ Live the Storm
DJ Krush/ Milight
DJ Rupture/ Uproot
DJ Shadow/ Diminishing Returns (2CD)
DJ Shadow/ The 4-Track Era Collection (3CD)
Double Dagger/ More
Drop the Lime/ We Never Sleep
Eagle Twin/ The Unkindness of Crows
East West Blast Test/ Popular Music for Unpopular People
Efterklang/ The Danish National Chamber Orchestra/ Performing Parades (+DVD)
Electric Wizard/ We Live
Elizabeth, Nancy/ Wrought Iron
Envy/ Abyssal
Envy/ Transfovista
Everybody Else/ Everybody Else
Ewers, Suki/ Kind of Hazy
Fennesz & Sakamoto/ Cendre
Fleet Foxes/ Sun Giant (EP)
Frog Pocket/ Come on Primates Show Your Teeth
Fuck Buttons/ Street Horrrsing
Giants/ Old Stories
Greymachine/ Disconnected
Guitar/ Friends
Guthrie, Robin/ Carousel
Harvey Milk/ Life...The Best Game in Town
Heartthrob/ Dear Painter, Paint Me
Hecker, Tim/ Harmony in Ultraviolet
High on Fire/ Surrounded by Thieves
Hope in Ghosts/ All Your Departures
Illa J/ Yancey Boys
Jacaszek/ Treny
Jakob/ Solace
Jay Dee/ Jay Deelicious: The Delicious Vinyl Years
Jega/ Variance (2CD)
Jesu/ Lifeline
Jesu/ Why Are We Not Perfect?
Jesu/ Silver
Joy Division/ In the Studio with Martin Hannett (2CD)
Jucifer/ If Thine Enemy Hunger
Kaito/ Hundred Million Light Years
Kingdom of Sorrow/ Kingdom of Sorrow
Kozelek, Mark/ Lost Verses Live
La Dusseldorf/ La Dusseldorf
La Dusseldorf/ Viva
La Dusseldorf/ Individuellos
Lair of the Minotaur/ Carnage
LCD Soundsystem/ 45:33
Library Tapes/ A Summer Beneath the Trees
Life Without Buildings/ Any Other City
Lightning Bolt/ Earthly Delights
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas/ II
Lindstrom/ Where You Go I Go Too
Longwave/ Secrets Are Sinister
Louderbach/ Autumn
Low/ Things We Lost in the Fire
Mayer, Michael/ Immer
Meloy, Colin/ Colin Meloy Sings Live
Metric/ Fantasies
Midaircondo/ Curtain Call
Mike & Rich/ Expert Knob Twiddlers
Milky Globe & Friends/ Magic Waves
Minor Threat/ Complete Discography
Minutemen/ Double Nickels on the Dime
Mokira/ Persona
Nasum/ Grind Finale
Neu!/ Neu!
Neu!/ Neu! 2
Neu!/ Neu! 75
New York Dolls/ New York Dolls
Nobody/ Revisions Revisions: The Remixes 2000-2005
OOIOO/ Armonico Hewa
Orange Goblin/ Coup De Grace
Overmars/ Born Again
Owen/ The Seaside
Panda Bear/ Person Pitch
Pansonic/ Haino, Keiji/ Shall I Download A Blackhole And Offer It To You
Pelican/ City of Echoes
Pelican/ The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the
Pig Destroyer/ Phantom Limb
Pimmon/ Smudge Another Yesterday
Porn Sword Tobacco/ Everything Is Music to the Ear
Portastatic/ Some Small History (2CD)
Rainbow Arabia/ The Basta
Ratti, Nicola/ Ode
Roommate/ We Were Enchanted
Rosetta/ The Galilean Satellites (2CD)
Rwake/ Voices of Omens
Scott, Simon/ Navigare
Shrinebuilder/ Shrinebuilder
Sleep/ Dopesmoker
Sleep/ Jerusalem
Smith, Elliott/ Elliott Smith (US Version)
Smith, Elliott/ Either/ Or (US Version)
Spacemen 3/ Playing with Fire
Spoon/ Kill The Moonlight
Spoon/ Gimme Fiction
Spoon/ Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Still Life Still/ Girls Come Too
Strawberry Whiplash/ Who's in Your Dreams
Strawberry Whiplash/ Picture Perfect
Strings of Consciousness & Angel/ Strings of Consciousness & Angel
Struck By Lightning/ Serpents
Sunn 0)))/ Monoliths & Dimensions
Sunn 0)))/ Boris/ Altar
Supermayer/ Save the World
Tahiti 80/ Wallpaper for the Soul
Taylor, Maria/ Lynn Teeter Flower
The Accused/ The Curse of Martha Splatterhead
The Apples In Stereo/ #1 Hits Explosion
The Big Sleep/ Sleep Forever
The Black Keys/ The Big Come up
The Black Keys/ Rubber Factory
The Brian Jonestown Massacre/ My Bloody Underground
The Brian Jonestown Massacre/ Methodrone
The Brian Jonestown Massacre/ Give It Back
The Brian Jonestown Massacre/ Bravery Repetition and Noise
The Brian Jonestown Massacre/ Take It from the Man!
The Brian Jonestown Massacre/ Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request
The Brian Jonestown Massacre/ And This Is Our Music
The Clean/ Mister Pop
The Clientele/ Suburban Light
The Clientele/ God Save the Clientele
The Crash That Took Me/ Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes
The Daysleepers/ Drowned in A Sea of Sound
The Dillinger Escape Plan/ Ire Works
The Dillinger Escape Plan/ Miss Machine
The Durutti Column/ Four Factory Records (6CD)
The Durutti Column/ Love in the Time of Recession
The Field/ From Here We Go Sublime
The Gates of Slumber/ Conqueror
The Get Up Kids/ Live @ The Granada Theater
The Helio Sequence/ Keep Your Eyes Ahead
The Life Force Trio/ Living Room
The Pipettes/ We Are the Pipettes
The Polyamorous Affair/ Bolshevik Disco
The Postal Service/ We Will Become Silhouettes
The Projects/ Words of Love Broadcasts in Code
The Sand Pebbles/ A Thousand Wild Flowers
The Strange Boys/ The Strange Boys and Girls Club
The Swirlies/ Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
The Swirlies/ Brokedick Car
The Swirlies/ What to Do about Them
The Swirlies/ Cats of the Wild, Vol.2
Thomas, Rosie/ When We Were Small
Thomas, Rosie/ Only With Laughter Can You Win
Thrice/ Beggars
Torche/ Meanderthal
Tough Alliance/ A New Chance
Unearthly Trance/ Electrocution
Van Gaalen, Chad/ Soft Airplane
Van Wey, Brock/ White Clouds Drift On and On (2CD)
Various Artists/ Leave Them All Behind 2 (2CD)
Various Artists/ Omnidance
Various Artists/ A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism Island
Venetian Snares/ Detrimentalist
Venice Is Sinking/ Azar
Vibert, Luke/ Chicago, Detroit, Redruth
Villarreal, Victor/ Alive
Weedeater/ God Luck & Good Speed
YOB/ The Great Cessation
Yokota, Susumu/ Rothko/ Distant Sounds of Summer
Yuill, James/ Turning Down Water for Air
Zero Set/ Moebius Plank Neumeier

American Football/ American Football
Anti-Pop Consortium/ Fluorescent Black (2LP)
Arcade Fire/ Miroir Noir (2DVD/Deluxe Ed.)
Bad Lieutenant/ Never Cry Another Tear (2LP)
Do Make Say Think Other Truths
Dreamend/ The Long Forgotten Friend
Field/ Yesterday And Today (2LP+CD)
Grizzly Bear/ Veckatimest (2LP)
Iron & Wine/ Around the Well (3LP)
Kaospilot/ Shadows (+CD)
LCD Soundsystem/ 45:33 (2LP)
Portishead/ Third (2LP)
Smith, Elliott/ XO
Stars/ In Our Bedroom After the War (2LP)
The Raveonettes/ In & Out of Control
The Velvet Underground/ Singles 1966-1969 (7x7")